Rumis Engage Academy

Rumis Engage Academy is a digital product of Rumis Engage, one of the first and leading marketing firm whose goal is to empower small businesses and individuals to succeed in the digital age.

Our flagship courses are Blockchain Professional, Social Media Marketing Professional, and Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional.

These certified courses are prepared internally and delivered with the assistance of external resource persons and Zoom infrastructure for course delivery.

Individuals are rewarded with certifications having submitted and defended a capstone project to showcase in-depth understanding and best practices in specific industries.

Small firms and individuals are exposed to the risk of not realising growth and profitability in the utilisation of digital marketing tools and strategies.

This product seeks to bridge the digital marketing and blockchain knowledge gap that exists in these audiences by assisting them to tackle their most crucial challenges and capture their greatest opportunity to ensure growth, profitability, and sustainability in specific sectors of operation.

Meet Our Global Advisory and Academic Board

Dr. Kobby Mensah, Sheffield

Bekono Hongla Esmeralda, ACIM, MCIMG, ProM

Amin Ayarnah, MBA, ACIM, CIMG, ProM, CBE

Bright Asamoah, ACMA, CGMA, CA, MBA

A Results-driven Teaching Style

Rumis Engage Academy is based on the premise that clear aims and hard work yield the best results. All lessons are taught, focusing on the following key features:

Appropriate time limits

Key language skills

Transparent objectives

A pace calculated


Feedback on progress

Private study exercises

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